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Romondo Fowler

Founder & Co-Owner

Romondo is the oldest brother of the four brothers. He is a Newnan, Georgia native where he currently resides with this wife and two children. When he is not moving clients, he enjoys spending time with his family and attending church services every Sunday at Faith by Hearing Church. Romondo is a crucial part of this company as his leadership and innovative skills allow our business to grow and thrive.

Jabaar Fowler

Founder & Co-Owner

Jabaar is the 2nd oldest out of the brothers. Outside of being a dedicated member of the team, he is a dedicated father and enjoys spending his free time with his children. Jabaar has a true entrepreneurial spirit and uses his passion and design skills to help grow the Brothers On The Move vision through marketing and social media.

Ralph Fowler

Founder & Co-Owner

Ralph is the 3rd oldest brother. His primary role in the business is maintaining the day-to-day operations to ensure optimal performance of the business. When he is not moving, you can find him traveling or with his daughter. Ralph is a loving father, loyal brother, and a crucial member of the team to help drive results and improve the key functions of the business.

Jarin Fowler

Founder & Co-Owner

Jarin is the youngest of the four brothers. He is an integral part of the business as his creative and unprecedented expertise in managing day-to-day moves contributes to the success of the company. Jarin's passion for the business shows in every move with every client. In his spare time, he enjoys watching his favorite sports team (FSU) and hanging out with his family and friends.

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